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Dealing with Water Pressure Issues at Home

There are quite a few water pressure problems you’re about to experience at home, and one tricky thing is that they will be presenting themselves in different ways. Because of that, dealing with them might be frustrating. The frustration is compounded by the fact that multiple plumbing issues will affect the water pressure in the house. Now if your home water pressure is low, the very first thing you have to do is search for the cause. So here are some of the things you need to do:

1.    First step is to check the water meter. Make sure that the meter is on all the way. There are times when you’re alarmed about the low water pressure when the cause is simply someone making a repair turned the water back on slowly and little at a time and then eventually forgot to turn the water on the rest of the way after doing the repair. Therefore, be sure you’re there to check the meter or other water shut off areas such as the main shut off valve.

2.    Yes, the second step is checking the main shutoff valve. It can be in a variety of areas such as the one you see on the side of the water meter or one situated in front of the house coupled with a hose bib. Be sure all the valves are on all the way. If you happen to have gate valves, you should also turn all of them all the way in a counter clockwise direction. If there are ball valves, they need to go to the direction of the pipe for them to be fully open.

3.    Next on your list is the pressure regulator. This is another component of the plumbing system that’s a regular culprit when it comes to home water pressure problems. When this component fails, it can lead to a substantial increase in the pressure or perhaps the opposite might happen, which in this case is the sudden decrease in the pressure. Hence, the low home water pressure may lead to changes in all the fixtures. If this happens to you, the best way to deal with pressure regulator problems is to call in a professional plumbing service and let them do the job for you.

4.    Finally, you may not have any other choice but to consider a re-pipe. Old plumbing pipes are a usual suspect in the event of low home water pressure. This happens in instances when the pipes are made of the old galvanized quality. This type of pipe will eventually get a buildup that will over the years closes off the water ways, in the process reducing the water flow to the fixtures, up until they are rendered unusable. So if this happens, the only permanent solution is to re-pipe. And because a re-pipe is a very complex and expensive process, you will need to secure the necessary permits and hire a professional plumber to do the job.